01/24/10  Welcome to All
Hello and welcome to another edition of e2e. Please remember to clean out anything you might want from your e pals inbox. As mentioned last week due to the continued spam attacks on this forum, it will be removed from the site. I have instructed to admin to wait one more week to allow you to grab what you want from there.

Moving along to the articles. In Eye on You read about one sighted person’s experience with Dining in the Dark.

Some surprising research about how texting helps pupils spell is located in Hot Topics.

Well, gentlemen, looks like more sex is good for your hearts. Check out Medical Madness for the details

Mystery shopper scams is the topic in Scam I Am.

Job Jungle has a very nice story about a blind receptionist in Job Jungle.

Tips for traveling with your cane in winter weather is located in Household Helper.

Finally, looks like us blondes have an aggressive edge. Read all about it in Points to Ponder.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by.