About Eyes2eyes

What is eyes2eyes?
Eyes2eyes is a website designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired. The purpose of this site is to promote encouragement, insight, personal growth, and interaction with other blind or low vision individuals. This website is brought to you by a visually impaired person with a Master’s degree in Counseling.

This website is based on the philosophy that your visual limitations are a part of your life, not the center of it. Eyes2eyes believes that your willingness to be responsible for your thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions directly influences your degree of self worth and personal achievement.

Eyes2eyes is designed in text only to accommodate individuals using screen reading software.

Eyes2eyes Features
Weekly Welcome
Each week this section will appear on the home page to welcome visitors. Weekly welcome will consist of one or two paragraphs highlighting that week’s new features.

Eye on you<
This section offers you the opportunity to submit your stories of personal or professional achievements. The idea behind Eye on You is to present stories that provide encouragement to people with blindness or visual impairments. Eye on You provides guidelines and a link for submitting stories.

Hot Topics
Each month eyes2eyes will feature a topic that relates to various issues people have to deal with in life. Many issues will directly relate to blindness and low vision. Other topics relating to personal, family, and social issues will also be presented. Each week new information on the selected topic will be available to you. The goal of Hot Topics is to promote insight and personal growth.

Medical Madness
Dealing with the medical world can be very overwhelming and frustrating. I know because I’ve had to deal with doctors, hospitals, and prescription drugs nearly all my life. Along the way I have learned a lot. I designed this section to provide you with useful information to make your experience with medical issues less frustrating. I also hope to encourage you to be more assertive in managing your medical needs.

Recipe Roundup
This section gives you the opportunity to read and submit recipes. Eyes2eyes believes that even though you’re unable to see, that doesn’t mean you can’t cook. Since everybody loves good food, recipe roundup is a place to show off your cooking talents.

Scam I Am
There are times when blind and visually impaired people can appear more vulnerable to those who wish to harm or manipulate others. Scam I Am offers useful suggestions for keeping yourself safe in a variety of situations.

Job Jungle
Job Jungle is about making your work experience work for you. Those of us who have little or no vision are very capable of gaining and maintaining employment. This section will provide useful information regarding job search, resume writing, interviewing, and maintaining successful employment.

Household Helper
Household helper is designed to offer tips for making life around the house run smoother. Each week a new tip will be available. Tips for cooking, cleaning, organization, and overall household management will be provided. Household helper also offers you the opportunity to submit your helpful hints.

Points to Ponder
This section is about common sense. It seems these days that common sense is becoming less common. The purpose of this section is to tickle that part of your brain that allows you to get through life by using just simple logic. Points to Ponder consists of short articles that either exhibits the use or lack of common sense. You also have the opportunity to send in your points to ponder.

E Pals
Share your thoughts or connect with other blind or visually impaired people through the E Pals Message Board.

This section gives you the opportunity to get to know the editor of eyes2eyes.

Home Page
The eyes2eyes home page will offer you the opportunity to read the weekly welcome message and to view the titles of articles offered in the various sections. Keep in mind that E Pals and Profile will not have article titles listed. In addition to the article title, a brief description will be available. You can click on read article to view the complete article. If you choose a section from the top or bottom menus on the home page, articles will be listed by date with the most recent on top. Keep in mind that Eye on You and Recipe Roundup will have guidelines for submitting articles and recipes.

Each page of this website will have advertisements on the right side with the exception of Profile, E Pals, and this page. There is also a classified page available which will list various companies and organizations. Keep in mind that advertisements will appear as the website is promoted.

If you have any questions about eyes2eyes, please submit them to questions@eyes2eyes.com.

If your company or organization is interested in advertising on eyes2eyes, please send inquiries to questions@eyes2eyes.com.